Master Class with John O’Conor

25 Mar

I’ve had  a great pleasure to attend a master class given by John O’Conor at the Old Dominion University in Norfolk today. He was an adjudicator  for the Harold Protsman Classical Period Piano yesterday, and has  chosen my student William Hume to be one of the four students to play for the master class today.

I enjoyed the class tremendously. O’Conor was convincing but did not speak with a deep voice of God as Leon Fleisher often does. He was funny and very approachable. His focus was on music and its characters/emotions and colors.  I was touched by his abilities and willingness to approach a 11years old student, by comparing harmonic modulations and their colors to ice-cream flavors. His remarks were to the point but amusing. He worked with William on sense of humor and emotional involvement. The audience especially enjoyed O’Conor’s demonstrations, mostly from memory, and full of colors and subtle nuances.  It was without a doubt one of the best master classes I have attended.

William and Oconor


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