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Pre Recital DO’s

8 Dec

Quick tips for the pre recital preparation


SLEEP and once again get enough SLEEP a night before.

In the day of the concert warm up in a slow tempo with music for about 30-60 min in the late morning, but do not over practice.

Be well-rested and try not to use your focus and brain too much  throughout the day. ZOOM OUT. If you can. Take a walk, go for a run.

Eat well, but at least 1.5 before the concert. No junk food, I avoid coffee.

Remind your friends  about the concert once again a day before.

Dress up nicely.

Smile and Enjoy! Remember that this is a live performance and audience is there to enjoy BEAUTIFUL MUSIC and not to check if you play all correct notes and rhythms.

Before you start, FOCUS and be always ahead of what your fingers are playing.

If you make a mistake, smile MORE and keep going.

Good luck.